Emergency 911 Security, Inc concentrates on the most vital threats to the U.S. national interest and security, analyzing the forces shaping these problems, and identifying opportunities for effective intervention into the protection process.

We offer sophisticated analyses of contemporary security issues and discuss their conceptual and historical foundations. With these issues and concepts in mind we propose comprehensive Engineering Security Services (ESS) Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Electronic Security System Design, Installation Supplies and Training Support.

The founder and CEO of EMG-911 Sec, Robyn Holden, is a highly regarded industry expert who created the EMG-911 Sec Design Requirements Matrix, enabling the tailoring of a highly specific security solution for each EMG-911 Sec client-partner. EMG-911 Sec technical consultants have all demonstrated mastery of this tool, as well as competence in operational disciplines.

EMG-911 Sec supply comprehensive security system design, installation, training and support protecting over $1 Billion dollars in assets in Washington, D.C. area alone.

Geographical Area: National and International

Emergency 911 Security, Inc has a distinct posture in being a small-sized, personalized supply and service firm, while standing in the top 50% of the industry in revenues and the top 50% in security management system installations. Our technical staff average 18 years of experience designing, developing, installing and servicing only top-quality solutions; this puts them in the top 20% of the security industry. The company has a strong and experienced management team utilizing cost effective measures that often get approved by our clients. The back office infrastructure include an integrated inventory management and accounting system, large capacity delivery vehicles, warehouse space with loading docks and knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives.